Goliath Joint System

Our locking system is stronger and secure. This joint system allows a pile to be extended by joining two tubes using a locking bolt – this innovation strengthens long piles and eliminates all risk of movement. Why do this? Superior Technology Superior Equipment Dependable Partner To help you get started, here is what we needContinue reading “Goliath Joint System”

Double Protection

This system fights soil movement on all fronts: from the inside out. These piles that are designed to last, in any weather conditions and in any soil. Guaranteed. The outside is covered with a silicone layer to protect the pile against the elements, guaranteeing product longevity and also reducing abrasion caused by earth, sand orContinue reading “Double Protection”

Superior Anchoring

GoliathTech pile heads are equipped with a nut-fastening system. This exclusive anchoring solution allows the structure to be installed directly on the piles. The innovative anchoring prevents all lateral or vertical movement. Because our screw piles are installed so easily, quickly and economically — with no excavation required and minimal site disruption — you canContinue reading “Superior Anchoring”

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